• Social and Community Engagement

Our commitment to the environment and the people in our community does not end at the gates of the Koenig & Bauer factories – quite the opposite is true. In addition to our initiatives to preserve and protect the environment, we recognise our responsibility towards society.

Against Racism and Discrimination

As a global press manufacturer, Koenig & Bauer has always stood for open-mindedness and tolerance. Our core workforce includes numerous colleagues who have fled their home countries for political or religious reasons. Some have completed their vocational training at Koenig & Bauer, others have started their careers with us. At our Radebeul facility, we support an association called "Businesses for a Cosmopolitan Saxony", which promotes the integration of refugees and immigrants into the economy.

Ralf Sammeck (CDO) on Koenig & Bauer's commitment to combating racism and discrimination


The many voluntary activities of our executives and employees in the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Craft Trade, as lay judges at labour and social courts, and in emergency organisations such as the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, fire brigades and ambulance services, are all part of our commitment to society. Koenig & Bauer also promotes political participation on municipal and district councils. In many cases, Koenig & Bauer employees are given time off for their various voluntary activities.

Donations and Sponsorship

Our donations and sponsorship activities focus on organisations and initiatives that enable people to lead successful lives through education. We also support projects that promote climate protection and the sustainable use of resources. As a company with regional roots, we are particularly committed to activities that benefit the local community at our company locations. We also support a number of projects in Africa.

Group-wide guidelines govern the allocation of donations and sponsorship to ensure that all measures are both targeted and in line with the company's strategic and social principles. Here, you can gain an insight into a few of the current sponsorship and donation activities at Koenig & Bauer. If you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at engagement@koenig-bauer.com.

Social Sponsorship

Koenig & Bauer supports various social projects, foundations, associations and other charitable and non-profit organisations through sponsorship and donations in cash and kind. The Friedrich Koenig Grammar School and Fanny Koenig Primary School in Würzburg are regular recipients. Our subsidiary Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint organises an annual tombola for a children's hospice in Stuttgart, with the company doubling the amount donated. 

Children's Home and Garden in Mbongolwane and Holy Childhood School in Eshowe

The Oberzell Franciscan Sisters dedicate themselves to helping people in difficult situations through a variety of projects. This includes a long-standing commitment to South Africa. In Mbongolwane and Eshowe, for example, they support a children's home and garden, as well as a school. In addition to the work done on the ground, the Franciscan Sisters' fundraising organisation plays an important role in ensuring the continued existence of the facilities, thus safeguarding education and a safe home for the children. Koenig & Bauer supported the project with a donation in 2022.

Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation

The loss of a loved one can affect anyone - and the heavy emotional and financial burdens can often be life-changing. As a non-profit organisation, the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation offers targeted counselling and long-term support to bereaved friends and relatives up to the age of 49. As reliable partners, the members of the foundation stand by those who are grieving and offer social support and networking together with other specialist agencies. Koenig & Bauer supported the foundation with a financial donation in 2022.

Africa Festival Würzburg

For many years now, the Africa Festival has been an integral part of Würzburg's calendar of events. It is the largest and oldest festival of African music and culture in Europe, and promotes cultural exchange by offering the participating artists the prominent stage that is unfortunately seldom granted elsewhere. Koenig & Bauer was once again the main sponsor of the 2022 festival.


The importance of protecting our climate and environment is becoming ever more apparent. That is why Koenig & Bauer supports projects aimed at climate stabilisation and the development of sustainable technologies. In addition to sponsoring industry prizes such as the Druck & Medien Award for the eco-friendly company of the year, Koenig & Bauer has presented a specially created Green Dot Award since 2022. The award honours international leaders who have already made innovative contributions to sustainable printing with outstanding ideas.

Zero-Emission Banknotes for Colombia

The Colombian National Banknote Printing Office and the Banco de la República have launched a reforestation project to establish emission-free banknote printing: Trees are being planted in selected regions of Colombia to offset 100 per cent of the arising emissions. Koenig & Bauer supported this climate protection project in 2022.

Baobab-Moringa Rainforest Project

This project, initiated by the Future Foundation for Development, makes an important contribution to climate and environment protection. To ensure preservation of the rainforest, a four-hectare area in the Kisi region has been declared a sanctuary. This means that it is no longer permitted to cut down trees or hunt animals. In addition, biodiversity is to be safeguarded by planting tree species that are no longer present. The rainforest is an elementary factor for regulation of the global carbon balance. Koenig & Bauer has supported the project since 2021.

Science and Technology

As a traditional engineering company, Koenig & Bauer attaches great importance to promoting technological progress. We have always been committed to training the next generations of engineers. Koenig & Bauer funds an endowed chair at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts to promote research and development in the field of document authentication and classification. The Museum of the Printing Arts in Leipzig, the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz and the print workshop of the Künstlerhaus artists’ centre in Würzburg are supported by way of machinery loans and donations. Koenig & Bauer is a sponsor of the German Packaging Museum in Heidelberg and the Stuttgart Media University (HdM). The Dr Hans and Benno Bolza Foundation awards prizes for outstanding scientific papers in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, with a focus on sustainable solutions and work with practical relevance for press engineering and printing technologies. The foundation is named after the two great-grandsons of company founder and industry pioneer Friedrich Koenig.

Summer Academy in Homburg am Main

The Summer Academy in Homburg am Main offers participants interesting art courses revolving around the subject of paper, allowing them to experience how tradition and innovation go hand in hand in the world of printing. From papermaking and experimental printing techniques to a workshop on the "black art" of typesetting and printing, there was a wide range of courses on offer in 2022, and Koenig & Bauer was glad to give financial support to the funding of scholarships.


To promote technological progress and the curiosity of young people, Koenig & Bauer is providing sponsorship to enable the TeamGreenSubmarine group from Dresden to participate in the "FIRST LEGO LEAGUE CHALLENGE" competition in 2022/2023. Alongside research, design and programming insights, the project work will encourage the development of teamwork skills. TeamGreenSubmarine's competition theme is "Superpowered - the energy of the future".

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