• Strategic ESG Goals

Within the framework of an overall strategy process, Koenig & Bauer has elaborated goals for sustainable development of the company group. With these strategic ESG goals, we are seeking to fulfil our ecological, social and community responsibilities even more effectively.  

Sustainability enabler for our customers

As a supplier of sustainable solutions to the industry, we view our role to be that of a sustainability enabler for our customers, and we support them as a technology partner in their efforts to reduce their ecological footprint. We have developed a range of eco-components and innovative technical solutions that contribute to cutting carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption, waste and the use of other resources such as inks and coatings. Ecodesign criteria are taken into account to the fullest extent in all new developments and upgrades in the group. By way of detailed sustainability profiles, we present energy consumption values and the savings potential for energy, waste and other resources made possible by using different eco-components and innovative technical solutions in a clearly structured form. To enable presses to be sold with CO2 neutrality as an additional feature, we are working on algorithms to enable individual calculations of a production carbon footprint, which the customer can then offset through certified climate protection projects. The printing press is then endorsed with the eco-label “CO2-neutral”.

To promote energy and resource efficiency not only in print production but across the company as a whole, Koenig & Bauer offers customers the energy and resource management system VisuEnergy X and provides them with support as a trusted advisor in all matters related to sustainability. The comprehensive support provided to customers ranges from system and demand analyses to expert advice on energy systems, efficiency, purchasing strategies and the prerequisites for positioning as a climate-neutral company. This begins during the planning phase for a machine investment and continues through to efficient production and improved profitability for the company as a whole. VisuEnergy X facilitates holistic digitalisation of the company, and provides support with the recording of environmental data and an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. As an additional service, a range of tools and services are offered to enable CO2 reductions.

When it comes to carbon-neutral printing, Koenig & Bauer has a competent partner at its side in ClimatePartner, which allows CO2 emissions to be compensated by providing financing for certified climate protection projects. To help promote the use of environment-friendly substrates and consumables, we cooperate with numerous print industry partners within a Preferred Supplier scheme, especially with regard to cradle-to-cradle-certified inks, coatings and substrates. This allows Koenig & Bauer to make an active contribution to the circular economy and efficient recycling processes.

COneutral by 2030

We are planning to reduce CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2) in our production plants by 75% by 2025 – compared to the reference year 2019 – and aim to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030.

Minimisation of workplace accidents

Another core objective is to promote the health of our individual employees, to eliminate work-related hazards and to minimise the number of workplace accidents. Alongside expansion of our health management activities, goal-oriented training sessions, advice, and safety briefings are expected to sharpen the employees’ awareness for potential hazards. (Occupational safety)

Continued promotion of diversity

Continuing to strengthen the already high degree of diversity that we have achieved in terms of gender, age, internationality and background experience is another important objective. Particular emphasis is placed on the current focus project to establish a level playing field for women. (Diversity)

Increase in activities against racism and discrimination

To supplement the commitment to diversity as an element of our corporate culture, we are planning further activities to support the fight against racism and discrimination. (Equal opportunity)

Sustainability along the supply chain

Finally, the incorporation of the topic of sustainability into our purchasing process and the observance of comprehensive due diligence obligations demonstrate our commitment to preservation and the protection of the environment and, as the Koenig & Bauer Group, we take our responsibility towards society seriously. (Code of conduct for suppliers and Human Rights Declaration)

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