• Responsibility for our Employees

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Our company can only be strong, healthy and successful if we look after our employees.

A committed, experienced, highly qualified and loyal workforce is the basis for sustainable corporate excellence and therefore benefits each and every stakeholder. In the competition to recruit new talent, Koenig & Bauer benefits from its reputation as a globally active and innovative company with long-standing traditions, and as an attractive employer with distinct value-based management practices firmly anchored in its corporate culture.


At Koenig & Bauer, everyone is welcome, irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion or outlook. As is typical in our industry sector, the proportion of female employees is currently less than 15%. To actively encourage the recruitment of more women, job vacancy descriptions are formulated specifically with female applicants in mind. With events such as our Girls’ Day, presentations at career fairs, practical work experience and school visits, we take proactive measures in our outreach to raise the proportion of female employees. Alongside the general advancement of female employees in our manufacturing company, we have started a special diversity initiative with a comprehensive package of measures. Special training and mentoring programmes aim specifically to increase the number of women in management positions.

Career and Family

For us, ensuring a good work-life balance also means giving due consideration to the work-family balance of our employees. A range of special offers are designed to support working parents:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time employment models (permanent or temporary)
  • Teleworking options
  • Child care arrangements (support during school holidays, nursery and kindergarten facilities)
  • Special family leave and sabbaticals

Equal Opportunity

As an extension – or logical consequence – of our inclusive standpoint on diversity in the company, equal opportunity has utmost priority for Koenig & Bauer. Respectful interaction with each other based on a sense of responsibility is a key element of our corporate culture, as are safeguards to prevent all forms of discrimination and to promote inclusion. Colleagues with mobility limitations have been members of Koenig & Bauer’s core workforce for many years.

Future-oriented Training

We are investing in the future by investing in qualified employees and in-house training. Young people are able to begin careers here in the design and development, production, commissioning and service departments. The dual vocational training model has a long tradition at our company. The state-approved in-house vocational training school in Würzburg has provided access to professional qualifications based on a system that integrates both theory and practice for more than 150 years. Mechatronics technician, industrial mechanic, cutting tool operator, IT specialist and industrial business assistant are just a few examples from the broad range of training programmes. Future mechatronics technicians account for the largest share, with around one-third of the available training places. In future, we will also be offering training in the new specialist field of electronics technician for automation systems. Further training opportunities include dual study programmes in the disciplines of electrical engineering, media informatics and industrial engineering, during which students are able to combine university study with periods of practical experience at our locations in Würzburg, Radebeul and Stuttgart. 

Regular top placements and good to very good results in the final examinations are testimony to the acknowledged quality of our group-wide training facilities. Koenig & Bauer Radebeul has been listed as a top training provider by the Saxon metalworking and electrical engineering industries more than 20 times now – more often than any other member company. Trainees at the major group locations in Würzburg and Radebeul are promised employment upon successful completion of their training, and therefore outstanding career prospects.

Attractive Workplaces and a Good Work-Life-Balance

Koenig & Bauer offers its employees modern workplace conditions with various teleworking and flexitime options. Teleworking allows employees to perform their work for the company from a remote location with the aid of mobile devices, as long as the specific job allows. Across the whole group, great attention is paid to ensuring optimum working conditions and high occupational health and safety standards. The acceleration of new technologies such as digital print and our entry into the markets for packaging printing, currently undergoing structural growth, further enhance the company’s appeal as a secure employer by promising future-oriented fields of work.

Systematic Personnel Development

To provide support with career advancement for all group employees in the best possible way, we have invested in a comprehensive personnel development programme. The learning management system Koenig & Bauer Campus has been established as a modern platform for company training and further qualification courses. A personal user profile gives all employees worldwide access to an online catalogue that offers not only classic face-to-face seminars, but also online learning applications in all relevant fields of expertise.

The systematic preparation of talented employees for future managerial roles is the purpose of the one-year Junior Management Programme JuMP, which is for participants from their early 20s up to 30 years of age. In addition to learning modules with a direct relevance, the future managers also tackle various practical projects arising from day-to-day company activities. This experience not only helps them to build up their international network, but also produces innovative problem-solving approaches to operational challenges.

Health Promotion and Protection

Employee health is, for us, an area that has the highest priority. A range of preventive health programmes are implemented to support our employees. They are offered both by the personnel management department and the Koenig & Bauer company health insurance fund (an independent corporation under public law). Individual advice and training measures help increase health literacy. Support for company sports events and the participation of interested employees in corporate challenge runs in Würzburg and Dresden promote not only health, but also team spirit.

Occupational Safety and High Workplace Standards

The manufacturing facilities in Würzburg and Radebeul are certified to DIN ISO 45001:2018 in regard to occupational health and safety. Regular checks and consultations are used to monitor the observance of occupational health and safety regulations, and recommendations for the optimisation of relevant processes are made. In this way, sickness and accidents resulting from non-ergonomic movements or heavy lifting can be avoided. Risk assessments are updated continuously. Regular instruction and training is provided and aims to sharpen the employees’ awareness for any potential risks. To help prevent workplace accidents, Koenig & Bauer conducts comprehensive analyses on a regular basis to identify and evaluate accident hot spots. Targeted communication and preventive measures allow us to consistently reduce the accident risk.

Social Harmony

Active representation through the works council is also a basis for high employee satisfaction at Koenig & Bauer. This allows industrial action or strikes to be avoided, as it is possible to reach a consensus between differing interests. All topics of relevance that appear in statutory regulations or collective agreements are discussed at length between members of group management and corresponding employee representatives. In addition, Koenig & Bauer regularly shares transparent information on planned changes.

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